Removing Shoulder Pads

I stumbled upon an estate sale this morning that had some great items! Among the dust covered clothing in one closet, was this fantastic black blazer. I have seriously needed a new one, so with a few snips and stitches, I had a well fitting blazer for work!!

The only real problem with this jacket was its shoulder pads.

I’m also pretty sure this photo doesn’t even do the shoulder pads justice! Straight out of the 80s, these gigantic foam monstrosities made me look like a linebacker. They had to go!

Turn the jacket inside out. Start by locating your shoulder seams in the lining

See that straight seam that attaches the top of the shoulder to the neck? This is where I like to open up the lining to get to the inside. You could pull out the shoulder seams, but I like a nice straight line to sew back together.

There are those pesky foamy shoulder pads. Gross.

Start gently pulling the pad out bit by bit.

I like to trim the foam as I go so it is not such a mass to be working with. Just make sure you don’t cut the jacket!

Find where the foam is sewed to the lining. It should be a pretty large stitch that does not also bind the fabric pieces together. Make sure you are not ripping a seam and then start snipping!

Pin the seams back together. I just top stitch these because I figure it is a lining and nobody is going to see it.

Stitch that up!

And it should look something like this.
And thats it!  After pictures to follow soon !


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