Fabric Lunchbox

Now that I have started working full time, it’s been an absolute necessity to have a lunch everyday. So, time to make a cute little bag to carry my packed lunch in to work!

I made my bag wide on the bottom so I could carry a lot of things in it (like my nalgene and other assorted goodies). The final measurements of my bag were 10x15x5 when fully open. Feel free to adjust to fit your needs!

So I cut:
2 pieces 10×15 (front and back of bag)
2 pieces 5×15 (sides)
1 pieces 5×10 (bottom)

These pieces above are the outside of the bag.  If you want to add a little extra room for seam allowances, add a half inch to each measurement.


I used the same measurements for the lining.. 2 pieces 10×15 and 2 pieces 5×15. I didn’t cut out another bottom piece because I cut a piece of cardboard the same dimensions to have some stability.

Time to sew! Take a lining piece and an outer piece and place right sides together. Sew just across the top (the 10 inch side)

It should look like this.  Notice how my lining doesn’t quite match up with the outside fabric?  I chose this AWFUL black knit, which I knew would be a challenge.. but I didn’t know this much of a challenge!!  If you are using two of the same type, sturdy fabric, they should match up.

Now turn the fabric right side out and finish the edge. You can do this later if you’d like, but I find it easier now.

Do this also with the side pieces (across the 5 inch side) only sewing and finishing the on one side of the fabric (that top stitch).

Your pieces turned right side out should look something like this.. The bag is starting to come together!

Here is where you can go two different directions. You can either sew all the side and front pieces together, or sew the bottom to all of the pieces, then down the sides later. I prefer to sew the bottom on last, so here is how I continued.  Whichever makes more sense to you is the best way to continue!

Take one of your side pieces and a front piece, and lay them right sides together. Make sure the finished tops are together! Sew down the side.

It should look like this on the right side.. A nice clean seam!

Take your other side piece and sew it on the opposite side of the front piece you were working with. See down the side just like the other.  See that pesky fabric again being a pain?  Line up your edges the best you can, but if you decide to make your project exponentially harder like I did, just stretch your lining a bit to get to the edge 🙂

Now pin the other front piece to the two unfinished edges on the side pieces to make a box.

It should now look like this!

Keep your box inside out and pin the bottom on right side down. Sew all the way around.

It should now look like this!

Now cut yourself a piece of tee shirt material (mine was 20 inches long by 1 wide) and pull the ends until it curls onto itself. Tee shirt yarn! I love this stuff because it is super easy to make, very cheap, and stretches like elastic.  I think its a perfect match for this project!  Sew the ends together to make a circle.

Now choose a big button for your “clasp”. I sewed mine on 8 inches from the bottom, but put your items in your bag first and see what works. Place your tee shirt yarn around the button and wrap it around the bag to hold tight.. And

There is your new lunchbox!  If you make your yarn a little bit longer, you will have lots of room for adding plenty of delicious foods to your lunch!  Another option is to add a handle to the top.  If I venture into that, I will definitely post a picture!



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