Closet Overhaul: Part Two

And the finished product! The thing that made the biggest change in my closet was the chevron wall. After I got done cleaning out and putting those sterelite drawers to another use, I got to painting. I bought a little sample of paint for $3 at Lowes and was set to go. I primed the wall in white first and then measured the walls length and width. For the width, I divided that number by 4 and made light lines from floor to ceiling at that measurement. (My wall was 56 inches wide, so I made a vertical line every 14 inches). For the height, I also divided by 4, and made little marks along my vertical line. (For my 80 inch wall, I made mark on my vertical line every 20 inches from top down). Do this for each line. Then, just connect the dots. I painted my peachy color in the lines


For the shelf, I used some old brackets and a piece of wood I found in our shop. My most expensive boots will be protected and displayed up there.

Most of the rest of my shoes hang on the back wall where I can see them all.  And hiding behind some clothes is..


A hanging organizer for the rest of my boots, slippers and flip flops. I have waay too many shoes 🙂


I also put this little chair in there. Makes it feel a little more roomy. Also note that basket next to the chair? That’s chock full of fabric for refashions! It’s always nice to have an inspiration bin!

And that’s it! For a few dollars I gave my closet a little update! It needs some more work, but I’m happy for now.  Questions? Comments?  Suggestions?  I’m always up for reorganizing 🙂



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