Closet Overhaul: Part One

It was time for an overhaul. My closet has looked the exact same since we moved into this house 20 years ago. At 5 years old I hardly filled the closet, but now it seems to be brimming with items thanks to the obsession with clothes I’ve developed over the years. So it was time for a makeover!

Here’s a nice close up of part of the disaster..

And another.. (Notice the sweet hockey stick in the back? My closet seriously makes me look like a hoarder.)

You can see the shoes hanging on the wall as you come in. It was taking away a lot of space so I decided to move those to the back wall. The wall where the shoes were, was to become the “focal point” in the closet, jazzing it up with some life. So first, I started putting old clothes I didn’t want anymore in a box. A great idea to get a few dollars for old clothing is to take it to a flea market. I sell mine for $1 a piece (which is probably a steal for my gently loved hollister, gap, and Calvin Klein clothing!) and usually can get rid of the whole box. Anything left over gets donated. I had a gigantic box of clothes to be sold!

Step two:

I moved my shoe display to the back. It was a small move but really opened it up! The rest of the organizing involved crates, bins, baskets, and some magic marker, which seems to have helped limit the mess. I’ve also began painting the wall, but don’t have pictures just yet! Stay tuned, I’m hoping to finish this project this weekend!


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