Men’s Dress Shirt Refashion

Spring cleaning time! In hopes that I might be able to rush the warm weather here by thinking its almost spring, we also decided to clean out our closets! Of course, this meant lots of new fabrics and clothes for me to work on! People have been so generous lately, giving me all sorts of scrap fabric, clothes, buttons, and everything else. So a big thank you to everyone that has been helping my creativity along!

Anyway, back to the topic. So I found this old men’s dress shirt tucked away in a donation bag from my dads closet. Roll up shirts are so in right now but so very expensive! I decided to try and make my own from this men’s shirt.. It had the structure already so it was easier than I thought!

So I put the shirt on inside out and started with the sleeve. I pinned one sleeve to the width that I wanted. I made sure it didn’t hug my arm too much so I could still roll them up!

I cut just below where my pins were, and sewed the line. If you’d prefer, use chalk to mark where you want to sew and trim later.

Theres how much I allowed for the seam.

Sew all the way up to the shoulder seam. You can see across this piece if you’d like, as you’ll be finishing it later.

Put the shirt back on inside out. Now it’s time to take in the body. notice that gather of fabric under the arm? That is where your body measurement will meet the arm. Pin as tight as you’d like the shirt to be.

Lay the shirt down flat and trim or draw where you’d like to make the side seam. I’ve found it’s easier to work one side at a time so it’s definitely laying flat!

There is where I cut! To take a short cut if you’d like, take the piece that you cut off and lay the shirt down so the other, uncut side is flat.

Pin the cut piece from the other side to this side, and trim. That way, you know the cut is the same! Just make sure you carefully line it up, because I’ve definitely ruined projects before trying to take this shortcut 🙂

Sew through the rest of that shoulder seam and down the side! What you took in in the sides should have matched up with the underarm, so there should no longer be extra fabric there.

Put the shirt on again (last time, I promise!) and measure what you want to be the longest part (usually the front by the buttons). Pin the fabric up so the fold is where you want the hem.

Refold the fabric so that the side seams are in the middle.. Front buttons are on the right and back is folded to the left.

This will create that cut that leaves the front of a dress shirt longer and the shorter length at the side seam. Cut through the fabric starting at the buttons, only a few centimeters from the bottom, and gradually making the width of the cut larger near the side seams. I went one and a half inches up from my straight fold around the bottom, but it’s up to you how short you want the side to be!

Take the pins out and throw out the scrap fabric. What you should be left with looks like this! Hem the bottom of the shirt with a very small hem. Andddd..

Ta-da! My new shirt!

From the back.. I think it turned out super cute!

Further ideas:
So the pocket on the front is definitely low. You could easily remove it and replace it, or use some of your extra fabric to make one or two new pockets!

A lot of roll ups have that little button on the sleeve and a little strap that holds the rolled sleeve up.. It’s also an easy addition to the underside of the sleeve!

Have you redone a men’s dress shirt? Post your projects in the comments!



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