Few Spare Minutes? Earn New Clothes!

The idea of my blog has always been about saving money and cutting corners where I can.. but never giving up my love of clothes and fashion just because I am a little short on dough!  This recessionista is always willing to try something new to earn a few buck! (well, almost always..)

So today, I present to you one of my favorite new ways to earn a few extra “dollars” towards some new fashion favorites!  I was invited to join a survey program called “e-rewards” that asked me to provide my opinions (and thus information, which totally freaked me out at first) about products in exchange for their e-rewards currency.  Each survey is worth anywhere from .25 cents (if you don’t qualify to take the survey its a pretty low pay out, but at least its only a few questions and some reward!) to as high as I have seen, $12.00.  Unfortunately their money doesn’t quite spend like real dollars, but I have been happy with the outcome so far.  Instead of uselessly surfing Facebook on my lunch break or zoning out during TV, I sit down at night and bang out a few surveys.  They usually take 10-20 minutes, and it seems to be time well spent.  Once you earn enough reward dollars you can start cashing them in for magazines, gift cards, airline miles, and a ton of other things.  I am in DESPERATE need of jeans, so I have been working hard to earn a gift card to American Eagle.  Downsides?  It costs $70 e-rewards dollars for a $25 AE gift card.  That kinda sucks.  Also, they don’t always send you surveys everyday.  You may get a bunch in a one hour time period, and then none for a few days.  Its inconsistent, not overly profitable.. but I see it as spending a few minutes each day that I would already be wasting by staring mindlessly at the television – earning some new jeans.

Another great thing I have discovered? My credit card rewards.  I have been earning cash back rewards on my credit card (unbeknown to me!) and found that I can use that money to purchase gift cards!  Score!  I earn 5% cash back on all my purchases, and each gift card generally gives you a few extra bucks beyond what you pay for it (example, AE is a $25 card that I pay $20).  I’m sure many credit card companies offer incentives as well so check those statements!  If you already have to spend money buying gasoline, food, and well, basically anything to live, you might as well make that money work for you!

So my tip of the week is, if you are looking for a little extra money (or rewards), consider taking some time to get involved with an online survey company.  You won’t get rich, but you can certainly earn a little spending money!  Have a suggestion for earning a little extra cash?  Comment below!

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