My Free Gift Upcycle

I’ve been looking forward to this little project for awhile! My boyfriend and I were vacationing in Pennsylvania and had quite the treacherous drive up. About 3 hours into the snow, ice, and sleet, we decided to stop at the first place we could find to grab a bite (as we had neglected to eat dinner!) The roads were pretty desolate, so when we finally saw a store, we stopped. We had never heard of it, and it seemed to be like a dollar tree and Ollie’s bargain basement all rolled into one. We each just grabbed a bag of chips (nothing else much looked appetizing) and checked out. To our surprise, the nice cashier told us to take a “free gift” on our way out. We had a selection of wrapping paper, plastic cups, and this little thing, a tea cup and saucer holder. I knew I could find a use for it and spruce it up a bit! It’s a silly little thing, but I kinda love it. It will certainly be a memory from our trip!


There’s my gem of a free gift!


So first off, I just sanded it down to take the finish off.


I then busted out my favorite spray paint.. Krylon metallics! I love the gold effect!


Sprayed all the pieces (so shiny!)


While that was drying, I cut out a circle from a thick fabric to cover the bottom where the tea cup would sit. I made it the same size as the indentation.


Glued that down..


And voila! A stand for one of my picture frames (that doesn’t have a back) and it left a place up front for a little votive glass! I put a picture from our Florida trip and then a votive full of shells I found in Daytona beach. Much better purposed as an easel that a cup holder 🙂



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