Jazzing Up a Plain Scarf

It has been BRUTALLY cold here the past few days thanks to some blustery winter winds. It also doesn’t help that there is a good 6-7 minute walk from my car to work every day!

Someone very kindly gave me a scarf for the holidays, and I was very thankful! It is soft, fleecy, and quite wonderful, but just plain black. So, off to my (new!) sewing machine I went!

I have an embroidery feature on my machine which made it super easy to finish.


I used the existing stitch as a guide and added a cute little design on a gray thread. I just went halfway down the scarf because I had other plans for it, but even just adding a little design takes a plain scarf a long way!!

I cut off the fringe ends and then folded the scarf in half. (So its half the length)


I then put the right sides together and sewed just above the hem to make the scarf double the width


I then sewed the ends together to make it like an infinity scarf. Result? A quick little “scarf” that keeps my neck warm and is wide enough to cover the top of my jacket!!  (Even comes with some complimentary cat hair, as usual, finding its way onto all of my clothing)   🙂




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