“My Stache” Storage Jar

Is it me or are candle jars some of the best made jars around? I hate throwing them away, so I found a way to clean and re-use them! Even better? Everybody seems to be hopping into the mustache bandwagon these days, so I decided to add this cute decoration to the outside.

First the hard part.. Cleaning the jar!

If you still have some wax in it, throw your jar in the freezer for a few hours and then chip it out. I had already cleaned mine, so it was just getting the nasty glue off where they glued the wick

I used an old cheese spreader to gently pull the wick off. It leaves a serious amount of glue behind, but I recommend cleaning it with simple green. A little simple green and a paper towel took it right off!

I use vinegar and a paper towel to scrub off any stickers or labels. It takes them off with the glue! Finally, wash it out with some dish soap and let dry.

Print out your design and cut it out. I like to stay close to the image when cutting.. Too big and the paper will crumple in all sorts of directions while trying to tape it!

Tape in your design on the inside of the glass..

Trace your design from the outside. I used puffy paint because I like that I can peel it off if I really mess up!

Let dry, and fill up! Could make a cute gift for your guy during mustache march too!



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