Perfect Lettering


l have decent handwriting on paper, but as soon as I try to apply it to a craft project, it looks terrible. Solution? Wax paper and some fabric paint!

Print out the words you’d like to look super pretty in a font of your choice. Then place it under a piece of wax paper.

Follow the outline of the letters with your paint and let dry. I've found that the paint needs to be pretty thick to come off nicely, as well as shouldn't be let to dry overnight.. 3-5 hours max or it fuses with the paper!

I used mine on a piggy bank and simply glued the letters onto it, but you could also put then on a canvas and paint over them to make easy and cute wall art. The easiest way to get flawless writing!



2 responses to “Perfect Lettering

    • I’m glad you’ve found it helpful! The best part about DIY is trying something that seems a bit crazy or you think you might not be able to make, and then having it turn out better than you could’ve imagined. Have fun with your projects, and enjoy the process! šŸ™‚

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