Tin Can Organization

It seems like we eat so much canned food this time of year, which of course, leaves my recycling bin overflowing.  In my attempts to continue to make cute things out of any objects, I decided there must be a way to make a tin can cute.. and here is what I came up with.

I used plain old interior paint to brush these cans.  Here are two tidbits of advice:  use a can that doesn’t have a shiny finish (so the one in the back rather than the one on an angle in the front) because the paint will stick MUCH better.  Also, spray painting can be quite an easier way to cover these.  I just didnt have any white spray paint!  Two coats, and these cans are already looking better.

I decided to use some lyrics to cover my can so I printed out a copy of the Beatles “Let It Be” onto cream colored paper.  I printed it out in the “portrait” orientation, but would do landscape next time.  As you can see, I made my width measurement from the bottom of the page and just cut it off.. and it ended up being a bit short length-wise.  Luckily, nobody will see the back of my can!  I measured the width of the paper by measuring the width of the ridges I wanted to cover, and then added an inch.

I ripped the edges of my paper to give it a weathered look.

Time to glue!  I grabbed my trusty bottle of Elmers, and applied a thin coat of glue around the entire can.  I pressed the paper on firmly, and let dry.

Then I applied two coats of a clear spray glaze to set the paint and the paper.  No scratches to worry about here!  It is now super shiny and glossy.. although the picture is kinda dark.

I cut a 3 foot piece os twine for some further embellishment.  I wrapper the twine around the front of the can and crossed the ends in the back.. (almost like your putting ribbon around a present)

I doubled back around the can, and made sure my twine lined up with the top ridge on the can.

I slipped one end under the other piece of twine so I could knot them together.  This way, they won’t separate or slide on the can.

Tie a bow, and voila!  You can line the inside of your can with fabric/felt, or leave it be.  I put felt in mine and it will be used to collect my hair clips.  Much cuter than a regular old can!


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