Searching for Inspiration

There is no shortage of great ideas all around you to begin recycling your old, unused items into something cute.  If you are drawing a blank on where to start, here are a few ideas to get you going!  (caution: DIY-ing can become addictive!!)

Your Clothes Closet

I saw a suggestion online once that you should turn all of your hangers so the back of the hook faces away from you.  Then, every time that you wear an article of clothing you turn the hanger around.  By the end of the year (or however long you decide to follow this) you can see what you wear, and what pieces you don’t.  I think its brilliant because we have so many pieces of clothing that we say we are going to wear, and never do!  Try cleaning out some old things and decide whether you think any of the fabric is worth salvaging.  It will make some more room in your closet and use those dusty shirts for something new!

Under the Bed

Besides dust balls, there are usually some forgotten items under the bed too.  If it has no use, toss it.  If anything you find might have structure, could use a coat of paint, or just needs a little jazzing up, keep it around for a bit!  I’ve used old gift boxes and turned them into little candy holders or a perfect spot to organize hair ties.  Even old cans can be useful!

The basement/spare room

Those spare rooms are always chock full of good stuff!  Turn an old TV stand into a bookcase, or a bookcase into a wine rack.  That old furniture can always use a facelift to be displayed somewhere else.  If you find little scraps of things you might want to keep (ribbons, curtains, scrapbook paper, paints, etc) I recommend investing in a large bin to collect everything in.  Then, one day you can go rummaging through to find new ideas or accents for other projects!


I have seen coat racks made of twigs mounted onto a board, painted flagstone, cinder blocks and bricks used in parts of furniture remakes, and pebbles used as accents.  If you take a stroll into the backyard, you may find something that needs a little TLC or sparks your creativity.  Nature often has a wonderful way of inspiring us!

Good Luck!

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