Fabric Scrap Flowers

Trying to figure out a hostess gift to make that won’t be confiscated by TSA is really quite the feat.  Sure, I could put anything in one of my checked bags, but then there is a great likelihood that it will either be broken – or worst case scenario – lost forever along with everything in my suitcase thanks to a baggage snafu.  I settled on sweet confections in mason jars that could fit in my carry on, but needed a way to dress up the jars.  Solution?  A cute little flower made from scraps of old fabric.

Cute, right?  And so easy!  I plan to hot glue them to the lid or side of the jar.  Check back in a few weeks for the finale to that project!  All right, so heres how to make them:


Use a jar, candle, can, or any other circular object as a pattern.  Trace it onto your fabric.  You will need 6 circles.  I used this candle that is about 3 inches in diameter.  I used two different types of fabric, so 3 of each.

Once you’ve cut the circles out, fold them in half and cut in half along the fold.

They should look something like this when they are done.  Now grab yourself some thread and a craft needle.  Color doesn’t matter much because you won’t see it, but something that complements or contrasts is always nice.

Cut a piece of thread about a foot long and knot one end.  Begin to hand stitch the bottom of the fabric.  You will be gathering the fabric so I suggest doing that on the needle before pushing it onto the thread.  I gathered mine about 8 times.

Continue to gather the other petals.  As I finish gathering one, I push it down onto the thread but not necessarily to the end.  As long as they are all close, its fine.  You can use as many petals as you’d like.. for this flower I used 5.

Once all of ’em are on there, tie the ends of the thread together.  A tight knot works best.  Now cut yourself a little swatch of felt to glue the flower to, and use a hot glue gun to attach it.


it should look something like this!  Ah, finally! Something that resembles a flower!

Do the same kind of stitching with your interior row of flowers, but stitch higher from the bottom.  As you can see above, I moved in quite a bit.  This will help them fall and scrunch correctly as well as be a better size!

Scrunch it up as much as you can and tie the ends of the thread together like with the first row.  The tighter you can gather the flowers around the thread, the better!


Use some more hot glue to attach the top layer to the bottom layer.  It should look something like this.  Then give it a few minutes to dry.


Final step!  Pick out a button or gem to sew to the center, and stitch it on.  Once you’ve sewn this on, you can start fluffing the sides of your flower to look fuller.  It tends to lay a little flat after the glue and handling from sewing!

And voila!

Cute little flowers!  The perfect addition to a gift!  You could even make them into hair clips, headbands, and anything else.  Super easy and super cute!








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