The Raggedy Robot

Who doesn’t love something soft and cuddly?   All of my stuffed animals are long gone – sold or donated to a better use than collecting dust in my closet – so I decided I’d make one just to have.  With all of my friends getting married and starting families, I figured It would come in handy to know how to stitch a stuffed animal for those baby showers 🙂

Again, this is one project that I didn’t take pictures with, but it is surprisingly easy.  I cut 3 different size squares: One for the body, one for the head, and the others for the feet and hands.  I also cut the “limb” pieces out of the fabric.  To make this, I used and old gray sweatshirt that had no hope for a second life in apparel.  Out of the sweatshirt I cut: 6– 5.5″ squares for the body, 6– 4″ squares for the head, 24– 3″ squares for the hands and feet, 4– 5″x1″ rectangles for limbs.  And here is where it got tedious..

I decided to “scrunch” the ends of the robot so I stitched each edge together right sides facing out, cut the thread, then held tight to the top thread as I pulled the bottom one to scrunch.  I then knotted each one off and would keep on sewing.  In retrospect, if you are looking to get this done in a rush or want it to look cleaner, just sew the box right sides together and turn it out for a crisp, clean stitch. For the rectangles, I did the exact same thing (stitching the edges and scrunching) and then sewed them onto the body as well as feet and hands.  I also hand stitched the head to the body.

The robot is stuffed with regular pillow stuffing from your locals JoAnns.  Because my fabric had a lot of give, I didn’t stuff it to the brims.  After I got it to my desired plushy-ness, I glued on two buttons for eyes, added eyelashes with fabric paint, and added a bow and heart (both cut from an old pink sock that no longer had a mate!).

My only recommendation would be to use a fabric that does not stretch or give as much as mine did.  Yes, it is super soft and sweatshirt cuddly, but I think the stuffing would have turned out better if I had used a different fabric.  Let me know if you try it out!

The original inspiration for this plush came from “All The Pretty Distractions” on tumblr.


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