Pocket Tee Pillowcase

Dalek inspired Pocket Tee Pillowcase

My boyfriend always jokes with me that I would have made it just fine through the great depression.  Apparently I have a knack for finding the usefulness of the most random of objects.  On my most recent scavenge of my family’s “old clothes” bag, I found a never worn pocket tee.  I threw it in my Inspiration drawer to use at a later date.

Fast forward to yesterday.  Pillowcases come at somewhat of a premium in my house and after discovering that these simple scraps of sewn fabric are now WILDLY expensive ($6? Let’s get real) I decided to make my own.  It was so easy, there is really no need to buy one ever again.

I apologize for no pictures, but the explanation should suffice..  First, I removed the pocket off of the tee.  Save this for later if you’d like to add it as an accessory to your new pillow case!  I then laid the tee front side up on the floor.  I used an old pillow case as a pattern and laid it down the center of the shirt, making sure that one end touched the opening on the bottom of the shirt.  Be sure that you are not touching either of the sleeve seams or the neckline.  Trace the old pillow case about one inch larger than it actually is on the shirt.  Then cut.  Turn both sides so that the good sides are facing in and sew all three sides.  Turn it right side out and decide if you want to add any decorations to your pillow.

Now, my boyfriend and I are both avid Doctor Who fans, and as any individual interested in the show knows.. it comes to a point when you just can’t seem to get enough of your Whovian fix.  I decided to re-stitch the pocket to the pillow case (I like to put my phone in there at night) and create a Dalek peeking out from the pocket.  I made the Dalek out of super soft felt, and top stitched it on, and the words on the case are handwritten with fabric paint.  Not bad for a shirt that I found in a pile of discarded clothes!


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